Room Fragrances



    Soothing lavender, activating thyme, encouraging orange: in addition to colors, fragrances can also have a very special effect on us. Although humans only have around 400 olfactory receptors (in dogs, for example, there are more than 1000), more happens through our olfactory organ than we are actually aware of. Proverbs like "I can smell it good", "That stinks a lot!" or "He has a fine nose." make it clear that especially emotional impressions and decisions are also influenced by the sense of smell.


    Odors are often associated with memories. The weekend smells like mown grass for some, and Sunday roast for others. The summer may smell of suntan lotion, barbecue and the sea. And do you know the amazing feeling when even hotel rooms smell a bit more homely after a few days? At home - the nose always recognizes that, this scent is very personal.


    Delicate or fruity: you like to be enchanted by room fragrances. And that's why we at BUTLERS have developed the HOME & SOUL room fragrance series. With it you bring a green freshness into your living room, warmly welcome the visitor in the entrance area and turn every visit to the bathroom into a personal aromatherapy - by candle or bottle. The name says it all: the right fragrance is beneficial for body and soul. Even in ancient high cultures, fragrances and incense were used in rituals and for wellbeing.


    As with a perfume, HOME & SOUL room fragrances also combine different aromas as head, heart and base note. Elaborately composed and carefully made in Germany, they fill your home with a pleasant touch - from fragrant to floral, from invigorating to bewitching.