The BUTLERS gift guide for Christmas

Various gift ideas for Christmas
With the BUTLERS gift guide you can easily find the right idea for your loved ones.

For you, for him, for everyone: this is how you can easily find the right gift idea

Even the thought of Christmas gives some headaches. It is not the festival itself to blame, but rather the search for the right Christmas present for loved ones. Papa doesn't want anything. Grandma loves something homemade with all her heart. And the son man something cool. Aha.

In addition to the wishes of the recipient, the conditions of the giver of the respective present are added. Not too expensive, not too cheap. It can't be too big or too small. But: How do you find the right Christmas present for loved ones , with which you can radiate joy under the Christmas tree? With our gift guide! In this we have collected the very best gift ideas for Christmas time for you. This saves gray hair, headaches and annoying long searches. Promised!

The W method: the easy way to the perfect Christmas present

It doesn't matter whether you are more of the intuitive or the pragmatic type: When looking for gifts, it is never wrong to use the W method. Ask yourself the following questions in advance:

WHO is the Christmas present intended for? WHAT preferences and hobbies does he or she have? WHAT does the recipient like , WHAT has he or she earned or WHAT is urgently needed? And finally: WHY did you choose the particular gift?

In particular, the why is important. Because if a Christmas present comes from the heart and you've thought something, it can't be that wrong. Be decisive!

# 1 gift ideas for women

Why is a cozy blanket a good gift idea for women? Clearly, because “frostbite” can really use them during the cold season. Together with a velvety pillow, you can use it to make a warming Christmas package that women are guaranteed to be happy about .

Gifts associated with something intangible are also particularly popular. The mini chocolate fondue, for example, can also be an invitation to the next dinner for two. Hopefully she'll say yes ...

Style-conscious women are also pretty much looking forward to a stylish decorative highlight for their own four walls . Whether it's chic cutlery, a pretty cake stand or a fashionable cocktail shaker: beautiful things for home can always be used well and given away. Some gifts also imply a follow-up gift. A beautiful vase, for example, is a good reason to bring flowers back with you.

# 2 gift ideas for men

Our favorite gift for men this year: Obviously, everything for your own bar ! With the professional cocktail set, stylish glasses and neon advertising above the bar cabinet, you can equip your favorite bartender with everything he needs for mixing delicious drinks with and without a bang. Authentic bar feeling for at home, of course, included.

On top of that there is a Make Your Own Gin-Set for preparing your own gin. And if your loved one is not a gin fan, he is sure to get a taste for it by now!

However, if you can't do anything with bar equipment and still belong to the "connoisseur" group, you will certainly be delighted with a mini raclette machine for two people. After all, raclett always works in the cold season ...

# 3 gift ideas for boys and girls

Crystal clear: children want something to play with. But they want much more to spend time with us . That is why it is always a good idea to give away quality time . Whether it's a game of table football, a game of table tennis or a movie night at home with popcorn and chocolate under a cozy blanket: all of this sometimes weighs more than the umpteenth car or another doll.

Funny hot water bottles or grain pillows for the little ones are also a good idea. The building pains are forgotten in no time. And the cold tea tastes much better from your own peanuts cup, by the way ...

# 4 gift ideas for dad, mom, and grandparents

Year after year, grandparents and parents are humble at Christmas. Because they do (supposedly) nothing. But of course you won't let yourself get rid of that easily. Memorabilia are a great gift idea for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa: A photo from your last trip in a pretty picture frame? It's a pleasure!

Something to pamper or enjoy is also a good idea and a nice way to say thank you in between - for the support, the unconditional love and the always open ear. Whether cozy bed linen, a bed tray for the chilled Sunday brunch or the red wine bottle, which is actually a pepper mill: you are definitely right.

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