Sustainable gifts for Christmas
Well given: These gift ideas encourage you to live more consciously and sustainably in everyday life.


What do you give people who have already felt everything? How about something ecologically meaningful, something sustainable? Not only do you bring joy under the Christmas tree, but you also do something good for our environment at the same time.

From beeswax cloths to shopping nets: even small measures can achieve a lot in terms of waste prevention and environmental protection. You just have to rethink and get rid of old, bad habits. In this blog post we present you the most beautiful sustainable gift ideas with which you can give others - and of course yourself - a small but certain nudge to live more consciously in everyday life. Let's go!


Give away reusable things
Bye, bye cling film: beeswax towels are sustainable and serve their purpose. It's the same with drinking straws made from sustainable raw materials. Like here made of bamboo.

Beeswax instead of cling film? Bamboo straws instead of plastic? Humans are creatures of habits. Unfortunately. As a Green Santa, however, you will give your friends and family a gentle but determined nudge this Christmas. "Are beeswax cloths really as good as foil?" "Just try it out!" After all, trying is better than studying. And once you are convinced of something, shedding bad habits doesn't hurt that much anymore.


Food on the go
Clever, cheaper and ecologically sensible: Simply pre-cook it at home and take it with you. Your food arrives safely at the office or school in jars with screw caps or lunch boxes.

It tastes best at home. But what to do when you're out and about all day or in the office? Eating out in a restaurant is far too expensive in the long run. Fast food and to-go meals from the takeaway or supermarket are the answer for many. Unfortunately, however, this food is usually packed in far too much plastic and therefore anything but sustainable.

It is more environmentally friendly and also healthier and cheaper to pre-cook at home and take lunch with you. It's called Meal Prep and it is - you have probably already guessed that - the abbreviation from the English "meal preparation". This means pre-cooking or preparation the day before (by the way, you will find healthy and quick meal prep recipeshere). Meal prep critics often complain that they don't know what they'll be hungry for the next day. Might be. But sometimes you just have to be forced to be happy. Especially if it is for the environment and a clear conscience.

It is therefore a good idea to discreetly wave the fence post at Christmas. So give away practical and stylish lunch boxes or storage glasses. This is how you encourage your loved ones to at least give meal prep a try. At the latest when the positive effect is also noticeable in your wallet, even the worst critic will be an ardent supporter of the movement!


Sustainably on the move
Whether you are shopping in the supermarket or traveling: You can save plastic on the go with the right equipment.

Who does not know that? Actually you only need a bag of milk, but then the chocolate, the oranges and the yoghurt on offer also laugh at you. Schwupps the shopping cart is pickepacke full ... but unfortunately you yourself are traveling without a carrier. As a result, unfortunately, it has to be a plastic bag again at the checkout.

But now you think along for your loved ones and put chic shopping nets and bags under the Christmas tree that can be stored in any handbag, no matter how small. For the case of falls. Mugs for enjoying tea or coffee on the go are also a good gift idea for anyone who actually wants to do without disposable to-go mugs.

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