Relax in the bedroom
With a few tricks, the bed can quickly become an island of wellbeing.


Whether lark or owl, sleepyhead or power napper: On average, people sleep for an average of 24 years and 4 months! Quite a lot of time that we spend asleep in bed and that we could use for other things: for lying down and lazing around, reading, snacking, daydreaming, being with loved ones ...

With the right furnishing tips , the bedroom quickly becomes a place of well-being that invites you to do more than just sleep. We'll show you how to do it and also give you one or two ideas on how to relax without having to get out of bed .


Good, restful sleep - we have it where we feel comfortable and protected. That is why it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom. Less is more. That is the formula you need for this. The bed as the central piece of furniture, a bedside table with a reading lamp - that's all you need. A spacious closet and a bed bench also provide enough storage space. Because: You can definitely relax better in a well-organized atmosphere than in a junk room.

When it comes to lighting, you should rely on indirect light sources or dimmable basic lighting in soft, warm white light . That has a calming effect. You can also do well with your choice of color if you don't go too colorful. White is a good choice that looks wonderfully harmonious both on its own and combined with individual splashes of color. If you like it more colorful, you can paint one or more walls in one color and color-match accessories and textiles to match. Soft and cool shades such as a delicate pastel blue have a calming and relaxing effect and are just right for your relaxation room. Alternatively, you can also use dark colors such as an intense petrol green. These convey a feeling of security.

With bed linen, decorative extra pillows and cuddly blankets , velvety-soft materials such as satin, flannel, velvet and fleece also increase well-being. True to the motto: Good is what feels good to you and where there is only good. For example, look out for GOTS-certified bed linen made from organic cotton, which is made without using petroleum or synthetic materials. Then you and your skin will enjoy it for a long time.


Jetting from A to B, working, watching TV, cooking, talking on the phone: Apparently people are not made for doing nothing. But there are things that come close to doing nothing and help us to come down a little , reduce stress and relax .

In addition to exercise, this can be cuddling, for example. Whether we hide under the blanket alone, have company from our favorite people or loyal four-legged friends: Cuddling releases a hormone that reduces stress and excitement and is therefore good for our mental well-being. We can also let our thoughts run free and think of something beautiful. Even daily mindfulness exercises and meditation methods help to be more relaxed and to cope with stress - without spiritual and religious respect. For example, by simply observing your breathing rhythm and pulse for a few minutes. Those who do this regularly learn quickly to take care of themselves and to feel their body.

Harmonious room fragrances can also have a positive effect on your mood and well-being. Lavender is particularly suitable for the bedroom, as it has a calming and soothing effect and thus promotes restful sleep.


In order for your bedroom to be and remain a place of relaxation, you should declare it an electro-free zone . Televisions, tablets and smartphones definitely have no business there because they make falling asleep difficult and disturb sleep. It is better to pick up your bedside reading and end the day with a good book . Whether it's a captivating crime thriller or a sappy romance: Reading lets us forget everyday life and, conveniently, also makes us tired. Well then: sweet dreams!

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