Cool advent calendar to fill
It won't be long before the Christmas season begins again!


Couldn't every day be a December day? Then you could open a door every day and start the day with a surprise. Because let's be honest: everyone is happy about an advent calendar, whether young or old. And when it still looks beautiful and is filled with loving little gifts, the joy is even greater.

Here we present different calendar variants for very different styles - sometimes cool in blue and silver, sometimes romantic in pink and festive in green and gold. We also show ideas here on how the 24 boxes and sachets can be nicely filled.

Reusable calendar
Advent calendars are also great wall decorations at Christmas. By the way, some models can be reused year after year.


The advent calendar comes in a really classy look in shiny Christmas colors such as gold and green. The small cardboard boxes are ready to use in no time and can be easily attached to a string or directly to a chain of lights.

Make stars for the advent calendar
Stars made of gold paper create a festive flair.

Froebel stars are woven from four strips of paper of the same size and length. Anyone who has tried it before knows that it can be quite tricky at times. How good that the World Wide Web exists. There you will find loads of video tutorials. The stars are guaranteed to succeed.

The nice thing about an advent calendar that hangs on the wall: there is plenty of space for great Christmas decorations. Large and small balls, golden cones or Froebel stars - one Christmas baby follows the next along the string.

So that everything holds up well and stays up, the advent calendar, chain of lights and pendants should be securely attached. In the middle of the calendar, it makes sense to drive another small nail into the wall so that the cord doesn't sag and the weight is evenly distributed.

Bags and socks as an advent calendar
Whether boots or socks: both variants are welcome in the run-up to Christmas.

The Christmas socks are intended for larger gifts or several smaller items. In England and America the stockings are traditionally hung on the mantelpiece, but they are now also popular beyond the borders and embellish many a banister or window sill.

Advent bags for filling
A refreshingly different Christmas look


If you are looking for a change from red, green and gold, blue and silver are the right choice. The cool colors look particularly classy and no less festive. The advent calendar provides variety with different geometric patterns. The bags don't always have to be hung up; the heavier bags, for example, can be placed on a sideboard and additionally decorated with twigs and candles.

Glamor with silver Advent bags
Shiny prospects: Silver sets glamorous accents.

Decoration tip: Pay attention to LED lights with fairy lights, because they do not develop any heat and can therefore hang close to other things.

Beautiful designs for advent calendars
Snowflakes, white skirts, when do you come snowed. You live in the clouds, your way is so far.
Pastel is also possible in Advent
Winter look? Also works in pastel colors.


We are completely in love with this variant, because how nicely does pink go with Christmas ?! It immediately warms your heart with all the sweet things. If you opt for the pink variant, you can decorate the advent calendar with other colors such as beige, brown, gray and white.

Star-shaped tea lights
Star-shaped tea lights are a simple but effective decoration and create a nice atmosphere.

Only at second glance do the filigree Christmas patterns appear on the paper bags. Bells, thistle branches, an Advent wreath and much more are printed in fine gold and look beautifully nostalgic. The black satin ribbon, with which the contents are protected from prying eyes, goes perfectly with this.

Golden Advent bags
A new surprise every day: We love Advent calendars!

With the trailers, each bag can be assigned to a day. For an overview, it also helps to write down on a piece of paper what is in which bag. For example, a handwritten story can be broken down into several sections and sweeten the reader's day over several mornings.

Tip: Marriage proposals can also be packed well here, all you need is four pieces of paper in four bags 😉

Candles for Advent
The gold imprint comes into its own particularly beautifully through candlelight.
Beautiful advent calendar bags
So many great ideas on how to fill the advent calendar!


Choosing a beautiful Advent calendar is often difficult enough, but then there's still the filling! What should put in the bags, rather only something healthy, something sweet or something to play with? You know it: you start ambitiously, implement one idea after the next and just get to day 14? Phew, that sounds like a headache. It's good that we have already collected ideas!

Give away vouchers for Advent
Vouchers for spending time together are always popular.
Boxes as an advent calendar
In the box: it's best to roll up the notes instead of folding them


Vouchers always work, of course. And what could be nicer than visiting the zoo together, for example? Here we have other great ideas:

  • Vouchers for joint activities, such as the Christmas market, ice skating, visits to the petting zoo, winter hikes, cinema, eating out, and much more.
  • A Christmas Story. OK, it doesn't necessarily have to be handwritten, longer texts can also be printed on nice paper.
  • The long-awaited cookie recipe! But of course the recipient has to promise not to reveal the secret ingredients to anyone.
  • Jokes, poems, quotes, mantras, or just a really nice compliment. Often it is the little things that have the greatest impact.
Tree decorations to give away
Today's fries! And all like "YEAH".
Advent calendar bags with clips
Filling 24 shafts is a lot of fun with the right ideas.


An advent calendar should bring a little joy to someone else every day. That is why it is completely sufficient to only fill the boxes and bags with little things instead of big gifts and expensive things.

  • Small scented candles or wax chips that slowly melt in a fragrance lamp and give off a winter-Christmas scent.
  • Tree decorations in a funny shape. Whether french fries, Superman or sloth: funny fans will definitely get a place of honor on the tree.
  • For Christmas baking, there are cookie cutters as deer antlers, in the shape of snowflakes or in the gingerbread man look.
  • Small stamps and ink pads embellish every letter. And who knows, maybe some Christmas mail will end up in the mailbox?
Advent time is Christmas time
Christmas: time to bring joy to others

You will find clever ideas for filling an advent calendar with us!

Butlers wishes you a lot of fun filling the Advent calendar and a peaceful and beautiful pre-Christmas time!



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