Classic Christmas table in silver and white
Et voilà: The classic among the festive tables shines and sparkles in silver and white. Merry Christmas!


You haven't had any guests at home for a long time? That was certainly due to the general Corona circumstances. As a host, you can get a little out of practice. Whereby: You never really forget it. It's like riding a bike.
Nevertheless: Because the highest festival of all festivals is approaching - Christmas - and guests having and receiving finally seems possible again, here is our little refresher course on the festive table. Not only do you shine as a host, but also your table decorations. Ready for the perfect Christmas table? Here we go! 


Whether Advent dinner, Christmas meal or wedding dinner: everyday and ordinary things do not necessarily go well with solemn occasions and a festive setting. Something special is needed. Something that you do not serve up every day and which is and will therefore be exceptional.
For example, Aunt Erna's silver cutlery (the cherished heirloom), the jacquard tablecloth made of mercerized cotton with a fine pattern (the holiday souvenir), the antique glasses with a unique cut (from the flea market) or the good dishes (the find from the City). Each of these parts will enrich your festive table immensely. Not only visually, but perhaps also with a story that one or the other decorative accessory can "tell". As you can see: with your elegant table decoration you sometimes provide interesting topics of conversation for an entertaining evening!

Now you will find out which decorative main and supporting actors should not be missing on your festive Christmas table.


The good tableware for festive occasions
Elegance can be so simple: a simple, white tableware made of high quality material - e.g. B. made of porcelain or fine bone china - and a subtle silver edge looks more festive.

At Christmas and Co. you of course serve your guests special dishes in a special ambience on special dishes. But who has several sets in the cupboard for all sorts of occasions, if only for reasons of space?
Do not worry. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive holiday or special Christmas tableware! It is better to invest in high-quality everyday tableware that is designed for more than four people and can be used in a variety of ways. A set with a modern design, simple shapes and colors, for example in white, can, for example, be decorated again and again in a new and different way - also classy and festive.
To underline the festive ambience, place plates in silver or gold or place mats studded with pearls are a good idea. They offer the place settings a glamorous stage.


Exceptional glasses for festive occasions
At Christmas and Co. you can drink from sparkling crystal glasses or shimmering glasses with a mother-of-pearl effect. What else is it made of?

Ideally, you should offer your guests the right glasses for every drink. Of course, that doesn't have to be the case. If the table is small or the equipment does not provide anything else, a water and a wine glass are sufficient.
Should your inventory allow, feel free to use crystal glasses or elegant glasses with a special cut. These emphasize the festive look of your dinner table again.


Noble cutlery is available in different shapes and colors
Zu besonderen Anlässen holen Sie natürlich Ihr bestes Equipment hervor. Matt in Schwarz oder hochpoliert in Silber, was darfs sein? 

Früher gab es in Sachen Essbesteck nicht sonderlich viel Auswahl. Silberner Edelstahl dominierte die Auslagen der Geschäfte. Einzig in Form und Design unterschieden sich Messer, Gabel und Löffel.
Heute herrscht viel mehr Abwechslung vor. Ob matt oder glänzend, in Bronze- oder Roségold-Finish, gehämmert oder nobel ganz in Schwarz: Die Auswahl ist riesig. Da es zudem immer auch preisgünstigere Modelle gibt, kann es nicht schaden, sich für zuhause auch mal ein edleres Besteckset zuzulegen. Das Auge isst schließlich mit!

Unser Tipp: Es kann nicht schaden, bei der Anordnung des Bestecks, der Teller und Gläser mit Profiwissen auftrumpfen zu können. Doch wohin kommt noch einmal der Dessertlöffel und welches Glas steht links, welches rechts? Unser Video-Tutorial „Eindecken nach Knigge“Does away with dangerous half-knowledge and shows you how to properly set up your festive table according to etiquette.


The decoration can shine and glitter
From the vase and tablecloth to the decorative figure: everything is tailored to the decorative style of your festive table.

Once the Christmas table is set, the decorations can come. You can also bring out your favorite decorative objects, depending on the season, of course: Whether Christmas figures such as glittering deer, sparkling stars or noble fir trees, balls and pendants that correspond to the color and mood of the table as well as fairy lights for a good feel-good atmosphere.
Speaking of lighting: a warm, subdued lighting concept contributes to the cozy ambience. This is supported by candlelight. So take out the candlesticks and bathe your dining table in atmospheric light. Branches or flowers in a noble vase also look good on a festive table during Advent and Christmas.


Cloth or paper napkins - opinions differ. From our point of view, however, cloth napkins are the better and sustainable alternative for festive occasions. Depending on the folding technique or napkin ring, small works of art can also be created that will amaze your guests. Ideas for creative napkin art can be found on our BUTLERS blog.
Place cards are also very helpful for larger dinners with more than 10 guests. This saves the long search for a seat. You will also find plenty of inspiration on this in the BUTLERS blog in our great "DIY place cards".

Your festive Christmas table is ready. All that's missing is the guests and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no question that both will come!

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