BLOSSOM Floral Tableware

A table covered with blossom
Whether it's a coffee party or a breakfast table: BLOSSOM floral tableware will make you bloom.


In today's fast-paced world, in which trends often only have a short lifespan, classic is becoming increasingly important. Because it is something for eternity and thus never loses its value. Our designers were also convinced of this and dedicated themselves to the famous, classic blue and white and black and white floral designs that have adorned plates, cups and bowls in Portugal since the 17th century, and reinterpreted them.

The result is our new "Blossom" tableware series, which is fittingly "made in Portugal". BUTLERS-Art Director Frank Wehmeyer tells us what is special about the series and what occasions the tableware can decorate your table for in the future.


Blue, white, black:
this color combination is impressive.

Fresh flowers are a decorative accessory on this table!

Like everything with BUTLERS, “Blossom” also started with an idea. “Right from the start, we had a precise idea of ​​what our new ceramic series should look like,” says Art Director Frank Wehmeyer, adding: “It was supposed to be a modern version of the well-known floral designs of the 17th century. Just as they still exist today in many parts of Europe, especially in Portugal. "

East Asian as well as Frisian, English and Delft influences came into play during the development. The BUTLERS design team was also influenced by the so-called azulejos - the traditionally painted ceramic tiles from Portugal and Spain - and thus created the unique blossom look: A floral design classic in a vintage look with a pinch of playful romance, in which the combination of blue and black brings a timeless note.



The floral decorations are applied by hand to the dishes by experienced artists.

For the production of the tableware series, BUTLERS works closely and in partnership with a traditional manufacturer in Portugal. The flower decorations are applied by hand to the individual high-quality ceramic parts. “We are happy to work here with a professional who specializes in this craft. Because this work requires a lot of know-how and many years of experience. Many small work steps are required to complete a cup or plate, ”explains Wehmeyer.


The dishes at a glance
The new tableware series includes cups, bowls and plates in different sizes.

A job well worth it. Because with “Blossom” a timeless classic returns to the cupboard, which exudes nostalgia, evokes memories of old times and is versatile. "This is very valuable in today's world, when trends never last long," says BUTLERS designer Wehmeyer.

Whether for a British-inspired Tea Time table or the Scandinavian-inspired table decorations in blue, white and with light wooden accessories and furniture: “The tableware series can be combined with more variety than you think at first glance - both in summer and winter. For me, however, it should definitely be served in the spring when nature is slowly blossoming, ”says Frank Wehmeyer.

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