All inclusive: Tips for a vacation at home

Vacation at home? Of course it works! You just have to create the right conditions.


If, for whatever reason, your vacation plans don't work out, you have no choice but to quickly find a suitable alternative. Otherwise the ceiling will literally fall on your head. The good old balconies, terraces or garden gardens have proven themselves as substitute holiday destinations. And when it rains, you just take refuge in the cozy interior.

In times like these, Staycation is the new way of vacationing and has advantages: The food tastes like home and there are always free loungers. In this blog post we will tell you how you can conjure up a holiday paradise out of your home - relaxation included. And who knows: maybe you will extend it ?!


From April to September the dining room simply moves outside!

The sun is laughing, so are you. Because you have set up a nice spot on your balcony, terrace, in the courtyard or in the garden.

If you have plenty of space, you can of course draw on unlimited resources. Then both the living room and dining room move outside. You should ideally set up the dining area near the front door so that you don't have to walk that long when serving. Sufficient shade should also be provided. Because who wants to sweat while eating?

The best place to daydream is and always will be a comfortable sun lounger.

The favorite song on your ears or an entertaining book in hand: that holiday feeling sets in when you finally do what you feel like doing. And when you are still really comfortable - for example on a lounger or in a hammock - you can relax wonderfully.

Even if the balcony is tiny, you can create the perfect conditions for holiday flair (tips for small balconies can be found here for reading). With a little skill and practical, foldable furniture, such as B. a table for the balcony railing and comfortable seat cushions, you can create a place there where you can indulge in idleness.

Bad weather? So what !

The best thing about a staycation? Vacation just can't fall into the water. In the case of spontaneous outbursts of clouds or a bad weather front, home is not far and by no means just a “second” choice.

Whether playing board games, having a wellness session in the bathroom or pursuing a sewing hobby: boredom is guaranteed not to arise. And if you run out of ideas, learn something new, redecorate or refurbish yourself. A new look for the home definitely brings a breath of fresh air and variety into the four walls - almost like a tour.


Your next travel stop: Japan!

If you are not going to go far, at least bring it home! Where do you want to travel?

Turquoise and blue-green like the sea, gold like the sun that is reflected in the sea and beige for the sand under your feet: this color palette is guaranteed to create a Mediterranean feeling. Combine natural materials such as antique-looking wood, seagrass or rattan and decorate with attention to detail with mosaics, shells and various flotsam. For table decoration and authenticity, use tableware with a handmade look with Mediterranean color gradients. It looks like you brought it back from your last Mallorca vacation!

Or do you prefer to go to more exotic regions? Whether brought as a souvenir or bought here: Buddhas, bamboo lanterns, cranes and paper lanterns are a must if you want to create a look with a Far Eastern touch at home. Clear shapes and simple elegance traditionally play a major role in Japanese design. In contrast, strong colors and playful, lovely decors predominate in Southeast Asia. You decide!

Pure relaxation: if not here, then where?

Ornate arabesques, opulent fabrics and fairytale details - you will find that in abundance in the oriental style of living. For this you need, for example, colorful floor cushions, flowing canopies, lanterns and decorative accessories in a hammered look as well as carpets with an ethnic pattern. Serve with mezze and olives on ornamental dishes. And already you feel like you are in a magnificent patio somewhere in Marrakech.


Refresh your memory, create that holiday feeling: with pictures on the wall.

The romantic sunset on the west coast of Portugal, the dream beach on Ilha Grande or the great view from the Tour Eiffel. You are happy to think back to beautiful holiday moments and special events and are happy to have pressed the shutter on one or the other unforgettable situation.

Framed and hung on the wall, you not only beautify your walls, but also indulge in memories. Whether it's a St. Petersburg hanging or Inside the Lines - there are different hanging styles with which your pictures come into their own and which we will reveal to you here . And with a little luck, looking at your gallery will actually give you a little holiday feeling.

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